Bahria University BU Fee Structure

Bahria university was sorted out by the Pakistan Navy in 2000, and from that point forward it has gradually and step by step and routinely get to be into one of the principal advanced education associations in Pakistan. Bahria University BU fee structure has been explained in this article throughly.

It performs a critical part in self consideration future leaders who can create a sure refinement to the world surrounding them. Everything started in the late 19-80’s the point at which the Pakistan Navy got to the field of training and created 2 Foundations, single at Karachi and the new at Islamabad, and alluded to as the Bahria Institutes (‘Bahria’ signifies “Marine” in Urdu). The 2 Institutes were proposed to surrender continuous training to Intermediate level for the children of navy work force when they were transmitted from one city to another.  BU grasps all competitors with no discrimination to their gender, race, and statement of faith or age. All the applicant requires to do is outline that they fulfill required qualification principles. 2 % of our seats are appropriated for incomplete peoples.

Bahria University is multi-campus university whose aim is to attain the uppermost principles in education, knowledge and research. University Offers Bachelor and higher degree programs. It creates experts in regions like Electronics & Telecommunication, Electrical, Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Business Management, Earth & Environmental Sciences, Medical and Health Sciences, Professional Psychology, Social Sciences and Law.  The development and arrangements of university are represented by its Board of Governors embodying senior maritime officers and delegates of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Head of the Naval Staff is the Chairman Board of Governors and in addition Pro-Chancellor of the University

Admissions to BU are notified in the serving national dailies and on site in the months of June/July and November/December consistently, separated from for designing projects which are pitched in June/July for the fall semester for the reason that it has one and only ingestion every year. Prospective understudies can accomplish the application bundles from the University and submit them before the last date.

The university has campuses in numerous places in Pakistan.

  • Bahria University Headquarters, Islamabad
  • Bahria University Islamabad Campus
  • Bahria University Karachi Campus
  • Bahria University Lahore Campus
  • Institute of Professional Psychology, Karachi
  • National Center for Maritime Policy Research, Karachi
  • Bahria University Medical & Dental College, Karachi

Programs offered


  • BSE (4 years) Program
  • BCE (4 years) Program
  • BEE (Electronics/Telecom)(4 years) Program

Applied Sciences and Graduate Studies

  • BS(CS) (4 years) Program
  • BS (ETM) (4 years) Program
  • MS (Software Engineering/) and MS (Telecom & Networking) (2 years) Program

Management Sciences

  • BBA (4 years) Program
  • MBA (3.5 years) Program
  • MBA (2.5 years) Program
  • MBA (1.5 years) Program
  • MBA Weekend (3 years) Program
  • MBA Weekend (2.5 years) Program
  • MBA Pharmaceutical/Health Management/MIS/Maritime (3 years) Program
  • MBA Pharma/Health management/MIS/Maritime (2.5 years) Program
  • MBA Maritime (1.5 years) Program
  • MBA Pharmaceutical Business management ( 1 year) Program
  • M Phil (2 years) Program
  • Ph D (3 years) Program

Earth & Environmental Sciences

  • BS in Geology / Geophysics & BS Environmental Sciences
  • MS(Geology / Geophysics & Environmental Sciences) (2 years) Program
  • MS(EPM) (2 years) (Environmental Policy and Management)

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • BSS (4 years) Program
  • M.Phil (Social & Cultural Anthropology) (2 Years) Program

Professional Psychology

  • BS (Psychology) (4 years) Program
  • PMD (1 year) Program
  • M Phil (1 year / 2 years) Program
  • Ph D (2 years / 3 years) Program
  • LLB (5 years) Program

Bahria University Fee structure

Name of programPer semester feeMisc. ChargesTotal cost of degree