The Way to Get a Real Estate License in California

A profession in the home selling area can be quite rewarding, but you want to get a permit so as to market buildings.  In California, the licensing procedure can be carried out fairly quickly for getting a real estate license.  If you’re thinking about selling houses or industrial properties, then here are the prerequisites for obtaining a permit.

License Prerequisites

Based on California real estate license requirements, you need to be at 18-years-old to make an application for a real estate license.  Even though you could be a resident of this state, residency isn’t required and there’s a procedure for non-residents to take the examination.  If you’re at least 18, then you want to finish three college-level classes pertaining to property, which can be a minimum of 45 hours every day.

The coursework can be completed online or you could take courses in person.  There are two mandatory courses and one optional course.  The required classes are:

  • Real Estate Principles
  • Real Estate Practice

You have several choices for the optional class, for example:

  • Property Management
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Legal Aspects of Real Estate
  • Business Law
  • General Accounting

There are numerous other optional courses from which to select.  As you finish each program, you’ll be provided a last examination and after that you’ll receive a Course Completion Certificate in the school in which you took classes as soon as you’ve passed all the last assessments.

License Program

As soon as you’ve got the certification showing you finished the procedure, the second step in fulfilling the California real estate license requirements would be to submit an application for a permit.  When you submit a program, you’re really applying to program a date, time, and place to take the state license exam.  There are two Distinct tests to choose from:

  • Salesperson Examination Program
  • Salesperson Examination/License Program

You want to submit a copy of the Course Completion Certificate together with the program and also a non-refundable fee of $150, which can be payable to the Bureau of Real Estate.  It needs to be compensated with a check, money order, or credit card since they don’t accept cash payments.

You’ll be sent a note about the date, time, and place of the exam when your application was processed.  You’ve got two years to take the licensing examination when your application has been registered together with the BRE.

If you choose the mix sales exam and permit program, you’ll have to have your fingerprints scanned, which normally costs about $49 and the cost is $245 since it’s also for your permit instead of only taking the salesperson examination.  It’s also critical that you’re honest in your application since it might not be approved in case you’re convicted of a crime or for failure to disclose the criminal action.

Non-residents are going to have the exact same educational requirements and the software procedure is exactly the same.  Once your program has been accepted and you get your state real estate license, you are able to start your career selling property.

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